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Darley Launches New Fire Advisory Board

In 2008, Darley launched its first ever Defense Advisory Board to assist it in growing its newly formed Defense Division. Over the years, it has learned extensively from this amazing group of veterans including admirals, generals, command sergeant majors, captains, etc., from all branches of the military who have helped to guide the company over the years.

While Darley has served the world’s fire services more than 100 years, the company thought it prudent to form a Fire Advisory Board (FAB) to help ensure Darley is best serving the needs of its core firefighter customer base. In forming the FAB, it wanted diversity in the board members. Darley’s leadership put together a preference list that included innovative early adopters with a cross section of traditional but progressive and seasoned fire service leaders. Remarkably, everyone who was approached agreed to serve.

The W.S. Darley & Co. Fire Advisory Board.

The team consists of Chief Otto Drozd III (Former Orange County FD, FL), Caleb Holt (Former Texas A & M alum), Captain Kirk McKinzie (Cosumnes FD, CA), Chief Bobby Halton (Editor, Fire Engineering magazine), Commissioner James Joyce (Retired Chicago FD), Chief Tim Sashko (Former Executive Director Illinois Fire Chiefs and Chief of Mundelein FD, IL), and Chief Brian Brown (Former South Metro FD, CO).

The FAB’s first meeting was held in Chicago on September 12-13, 2019. The meeting included a fire service needs assessment, review of new fire and rescue technologies, and the formalization of Darley’s next five-year strategic plan.

All board members chose to have their stipend paid to a charity of their choosing.

For more information, visit www.darley.com.

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