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REV Group’s KME Introduces PRO™ Series Rescue-Pumper Featuring Ergonomically Engineered Control Panel

MILWAUKEE, WI—REV Group has announced the launch of the KME PRO™ Series Rescue Pumper—a multi-purpose response vehicle—featuring a newly engineered operator panel with ergonomically designed manual controls, increased pump operator safety features, and ultimate equipment carrying capacity.

The KME PRO Series packs a 1,500-gpm single-stage pump with a 750-gallon water tank and 25-gallon foam cell with provision for foam system installation. The 204-inch Extra-Long PRO body is constructed of 3/16-inch aluminum, equipped with roof compartments, Stokes basket storage, Lock-N-Load™ hosebed cover and roll-up doors, as well as backboard and pike pole storage.

The benefits of the new PRO rescue-pumper configuration include:

  • Ergonomically engineered manual control panel—new design with vertical swing and push-pull handles reduces complexity, increases reliability, optimizes operator pump training time, and is overall easier to use—resulting in significantly increased operator efficiency and reduced cost of ownership.
  • Relocated pump operator connections—positioned adjacent to the pump operator, provides safer operator area.
  • Redesigned service access—allows easy access to the pump from both sides of body without lifting the cab.
  • 200-inch Wheelbase—provides maneuverable turning radius to operate in tight conditions.
  • 534 cubic feet of compartment space—capable of carrying the equivalent of a large rescue body full of tools and equipment.

“We saw the need for a rescue-pumper that offered all the amenities and features for which the PRO Series is known, with the added benefits of a control panel design that would improve operator use, safety, and serviceabilty,” says Ryan Slane, pumper/tanker product manager. “By offering the PRO Series with the new manual control configuration, we are able to provide a solution that simplifies operation and provides lower cost of ownership.”

For more information, visit www.kmefire.com/product/stock-and-demo/pumper/pro.

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