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Industrial Strength Big Fire Protection

Port facilities, commercial warehouse complexes, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and power production facilities…just a small list of large fire event threats for today’s emergency response personnel. Quick and efficient deployment in these areas of risk reduces collateral damage for civilian inhabitants, product loss, and allows less potential risk to fire and rescue responders. Distance can be firefighter’s best PPE! The Super Pumper provides not only deck gun configurations with reach capabilities of up to 500 feet but also flow rates of more than 10,000 gallons per minute (gpm) from a pressurized source.

The Super Pumper™ is the first fire apparatus to be fitted with the High Velocity Pump (HPV) from US Fire Pump—the largest NFPA 1901 fire pump in the industry. This delivers pump performance that is unheard of for any industrial pumper. While using standard 600 engine horse power, the HVP fire pump’s design efficiency allows the Super Pumper to achieve greater performance such as a UL-witnessed 5,500 gpm flow rate from draft at a discharge pressure of 150 psi.

Municipal departments are also taking notice of the performance capabilities of the Super Pumper. While performing in the “Big Water” flow scenario that was conducted as part of the New Jersey Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Neptune Project, the Super Pumper demonstrated its ability to provide crucial fire water support needed in critical urban infrastructure operations.

For more information, visit www.ferrarafire.com.

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