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Four Ways to Inspect a Used Fire Truck

One of the key components of buying a used fire truck is inspecting that truck. Brindlee Mountain has four ways for you to do this to make sure it meets your needs, you are comfortable with the condition, and that you get that “feeling” that this is the right fire truck for your fire department.

When it comes to the fire trucks that are in Brindlee’s physical inventory, here are the “4” inspection options:

  1. On-campus inspection: We routinely have more than 100 fire trucks in our physical inventory at our main campus in Alabama. We LOVE when people come to visit Brindlee Mountain. Contact us HERE, or call us at 256-776-7786, and we are happy to help you set up your trip to Brindlee.

  2. Early-bird inspection: We routinely have in our inventory used fire trucks that are still in service at a fire department. These departments are waiting for their new fire truck to be delivered before releasing our fire truck from service. We can help you schedule travel to inspect this truck while still in service and create a plan to have it delivered directly to your fire department when it is available. This can save lots of money during your purchase process by taking delivery directly. Of course, our service department is always available to quote a repaint, lettering, or other work as needed as well!

  3. Travel-Free Fire Truck Purchase: For the trucks at Brindlee’s main campus, we can provide a complete virtual inspection, including a travel-free purchase guarantee certificate.  This process is designed specifically to give you a level of comfort that duplicates that of a physical inspection but saves the time, scheduling, and cost inherent in travel.

  4. In your station: In certain situations, following a virtual inspection, the options exist to see the truck in your station to perform a physical inspection. Contact us HERE or call 256-776-7786 for more details about how this can work.

Since 2001, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has been working to find easy ways for you to buy your next used fire truck. Let us know how we can help find your next used fire truck.

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