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Darley CAFS Vision Pumper to Port Edwards, WI

By Darley Team
Port Edwards, WI , has taken delivery of a Darley Vision Pumper.

The apparatus uses a Spartan 380-hp Metro Star chassis, equipped with a Darley PSMC 1500 Pump with CAFS. The engine is a Cummins L9.

The truck’s water & foam tank capacity is over 2,000 gallons.


The Darley PSM Pump line has grown to be the first choice for many FDs and OEMs seeking the flexibility of our compact & module design. Features on the pump include, but are not limited to:

  • Helical Cut Gears: Strong power transference, noise reduction, and long life
  • Vacuum cast impellers for maximum efficiency
  • Broached impellers, splined shafts and silicon carbide mechanical seals for maximum durability
  • MagnaTrans™ transmission with a torque rating of 19,230 lb-ft: the strongest on the market
  • AutoCool™ Transmission Cooler: Cools gear case by convection with a cooling plate with no chance of contamination
  • Transmission Dip Stick and Powder Coated Transmission Interiors: Conveniently check the oil level with the transmission dip stick
  • Powder coated transmission interiors to eliminate moisture

Visit www.darley.com for more information.

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