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REV Group Fire Division Brands Introduce New Aerial Products

Since FDIC International 2018, the REV Group’s Fire Division has made several announcements regarding not only new products for its fire apparatus lines (AXIS and ZeroRPM) and decontamination and biohazard mitigation options for fire trucks, but this division has also been busy enhancing its aerial product lines.

E-ONE’s newest aerial product is its HR 100 aerial ladder that offers increased firefighting capabilities for E-ONE’s single rear axle Metro 100 Quint. This added performance includes a waterway piped to the tip, an increased tip load rating and an extended range of motion.

The extruded aluminum HR 100 ladder’s top features include:

  • 500-pound tip load rating, wet or dry.
  • Waterway to tip with option for extended monitor travel range.
  • 2.5:1 structural safety factor.
  • Reach of 100 feet vertically and 92 feet horizontally.
  • 75-pound equipment allowance at tip.
  • Direct hydraulic aerial controls or the new E-ONE Advanced Aerial Control System.

For more information on the HR 100, visit http://www.e-one.com/product/metro-100/.

Shortly after FDIC International 2018, Ferrara Fire Apparatus introduced a new line of aerial ladders and platforms. The new aerials are built with 100,000-psi steel and have a 2.5:1 structural safety factor. The new Ferrara aerials include:

  • Two feet more vertical reach on three models.
  • 500-pound tip loads while flowing 1,500 gpm on all aerial ladders.
  • 500-pound tip loads while flowing 2,000 gpm on rear-mount platforms.
  • A narrower jack stance for easier aerial set up on congested streets.
  • Higher handrails providing firefighters an extra measure of safety when climbing the ladder.
  • Wider ladder sections that accommodate stokes baskets for rescue operations.
  • Routing of cables and electric between sections to reduce obstacles during ladder operation.
  • 165-degree store front blitz monitor on all aerial ladders

The new aerials are available on selected existing Ferrara models such as the MVP Rescue Ladder, HD-77 Ladder, HD-107 Ladder, LP-102 Ladder and HD-100 Rear Mount Platform. New models are also available, including the TD-100 and TD-101 tractor drawn aerials, an HD-123 rear mount ladder, and two articulating/telescopic booms. Higher flow rates are available with an optional 3,000 gpm flow capability on the rear mount platform, making it ideal for industrial fire departments.

For more information, visit https://www.ferrarafire.com/new-aerial.

KME Fire Apparatus recently announced the launch of the new extreme-duty aerial, the Tuff Truck AerialCat. The new Tuff Truck was specifically designed to meet the demands of a challenging urban environment with tight streets and numerous obstacles.

The 103’ Tuff Truck AerialCat is a highly maneuverable 103’ ladder with a 12-foot jack stance designed to set up in compact areas. It features an unrestricted 500 lb tip load and a 1500 gpm waterway with Store Front Blitz and -7 to +80 degree unrestricted operation range. The 103-foot Tuff Truck is built on KME’s 96-inch Severe Service cab with a 500-hp engine and 4000 EVS transmission.

For more information, visit http://www.kmefire.com/stock-units/aerial/gso-10820.

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