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Rig of the Day: Custom 78-Foot Aerial Quint

Siloam Springs (AR) Fire Department


  • Custom Aerial


  • Sunbelt Fire


  • Cyclone II medium cab with 58″ CA and split raised roof
  • 12″ Galvanized and powder coated double rail frame
  • Cummins IXS12 500-hp engine with EVS4000 Transmission
  • Heavy-duty front bumper with recessed double crosslays
  • Harrison 6-kW MCR hydraulic generator with cord reel
  • Whelen LED warning lights and LED scene lights
  • Extruded aluminum body with SideStacker hosebed
  • 120 feet of ground ladders


  • HP78 Extruded aluminum aerial with 2.5:1 structural safety factor
  • Advanced aerial control system (AACS)
  • Pinnable waterway monitor with 2.5-inch valve at tip


  • Hale QMAX 1500-gpm single-stage pump with 400-gallon tank
  • Hale 2.1A FoamLogix foam system with 20-gallon foam cell

For more information, visit www.e-one.com.



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