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Darley TS 2000 GPM Compact Single-Stage End Suction Pump

For several years,  the Design Engineering Team at Darley has been hard at work evaluating how we can continue to push the envelope in the fire pump world. The team has been fully engaged using 3D Solid Modeling program enhancements, Computational Fluid Dynamics Programs (CFD), and validation through the use of rapid prototyping courtesy of 3D printing advances. As a result of these efforts, the new TS design has achieved what our team at Darley once thought to be an impossibility. The engineering and design of the TS pump has allowed Darley to rate the TS Series pump at 2,000 gpm while maintaining the same footprint and packaging options of its PS Series product line, which features ratings to 1,500 gpm and reserve capacities exceeding 1,800 gpm.

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Darley maintains strict efficiency standards in terms of reserve capacity required in our maximum rating for a pump series. This practice provides a cushion on our pump ratings, which, in turn, provides a product to our customers that will withstand the test of time and rigors of service. For our Darley Demanders, this eliminates the necessity to derate pumps or the possibility of not passing required annual NFPA/UL pump tests as the wear and tear adds up over years of service.

The TS pump is extremely smooth throughout the performance curve. Testing has validated single handline performances at the lowest end of the TS pump curve through high flow/high pressures required in ARFF (NFPA 414) performance points at the top end of the curve. The TS Pump has passed, exhibiting with minimal vibration or pulsation.

The TS series pump is available in midship (TSM), PTO (TSP), or engine (TSE) Driven offerings. The TS series will also be available on either Darley MagnaTrans™ or MegaTrans™ transmissions, continuing to enhance the flexibility of the offering.

For more information, visit www.darley.com.

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