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Fire Apparatus with PuriFire® Water Purification Systems

Recent ordinances in Canada and the United States make local fire departments responsible for providing drinking water in the event of a major power loss. The Township of Langley Fire Department, in BC, Canada, is in an earthquake-prone area and they are leading the way in disaster preparedness. Langley FD recently took delivery of seven PuriFire®

4S10F water purification systems on Spartan ERV apparatus, sold and serviced by Safetek Emergency Vehicles. Darley supplied Spartan with the pump modules equipped with PuriFire® Systems.

The 4S10F PuriFire® System is designed to supply drinking water from freshwater sources contaminated by natural or man-made disasters. The 4S10F system is a compact, self-contained, fire pump-driven, water purification system that uses advanced filtration and chemical-free disinfection technology. It is mounted inside a fire truck pump module with a dedicated control panel on the officer’s side for easy operation and maintenance. It provides a quick-delivery system that one operator can set up and operate within five minutes of deployment. The 4S10F system can produce 600 gallons per hour of drinking water.

Visit www.firetrucks.ca.

 For more information, visit www.darley.com.

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