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Selecting Apparatus Components

  By Bill Peters When you are selecting apparatus components to include in your specifications, there are three considerations: (1) Are you meeting mission requirements? (2) Are the components available to be used on the type of apparatus you are ...

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Assembling an Apparatus Purchasing Committee

By Bill Adams Contrary to popular belief and the ramblings of pundits and commentators including myself, there is no single “best way” to assemble an apparatus purchasing committee (APC). Many so-called industry experts tout biased opinions expounding on the past ...

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The Rig: It’s the Little Things

By Ricky Riley When trying to come up with ideas for this month’s Rig article, I spent a lot of time looking at our new delivery of engines. We were fortunate enough to purchase six engines over the last year ...

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Prove How I Didn’t Meet Your Specs!

By Bill Adams Evaluating proposals for a new fire truck can be a challenging experience when purchasing specifications (specs) are vague and ambiguous. The task can be overwhelming when each party involved has a different interpretation of a purchaser’s written ...

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