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Gallery: 2018 Ferrara Cinder Pumper

2018 Ferrara Cinder Pumper

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Photos and description by Lindsay Dye

Engine 1 began service on March 16, 2018, with the Lowry Crossing (TX) Volunteer Fire Department. The rig is built on a Ferrara Cinder cab and chassis with an 8-inch raised roof. Seating for 6 is provided. Both cab and body are constructed of extruded aluminum with 3/16 inch aluminum skin, and AMDOR roll up compartment doors are part of the body package. SCBA bottle storage is located adjacent to the rear wheel wells.

Power is provided by a Cummins ISL9 450-hp engine and an Allison EVS 3000 five-speed transmission with a pushbutton shifter.

The apparatus has a Hale Qmax single-stage 1,250-gpm pump (midship) and a Polypropelene 1,000-gallon tank. The front bumper compartment has a jump line with 100 feet of 1¾-inch hose connected to a 2-inch discharge. Crosslays on this unit include two with 200 feet of1¾-inch hose and 2-inch discharges and a third crosslay with 200 feet of 2½-inch hose and a 2½-inch discharge. There are two preconnects: one on the pump panel and one on the discharge side of the pump panel with hose stored in the running boards. A section of 5-inch LDH is stored in a compartment next to the pump panel. The hosebed carries 200 feet of 5-nch LDH, 1,000 feet of 3-inch hose and 800 feet of 3-inch hose in a reverse lay. Two sections (10 feet each) of Kochek flexible suction hose are mounted on top of the body sides. Rear compartments feature assorted tools and a complement of Alco-Lite ground ladders (24-foot two-section extension, 14-foot roof, and a 10-foot folding) and pike poles.

The warning lights include a Federal Navigator Model NVG 73 LED light bar and Federal Model QL-64 Quadra-Flare lights around the rig exterior. Two Federal VSLR-1 oscillating LED beacons are mounted on the rear body corners, and a Whelen TAL65 directional light bar is mounted on the rear body. Scene lighting is provided by a Pioneer Plus PFA1 brow light and Whelen M9 lights on the cab and body sides. Two Unity Deck Lights are mounted on top of the rear beavertails. Audio warning devices include a pedestal mounted Federal Q2B and a Whelen Model 295HFS2 electronic siren module connected to two Cast SA 2401 speakers mounted through the front bumper.

Dealer: Lone Star Emergency Group-Houston, TX
Representative: Carl Nix

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